Our Resort

Our Resort

The largest Historic settlement of Exuma is situated on the Western end of Great Exuma Island.The secluded Resort is in the heart of a family friendly community, which sits on the extreme northern point of Rolleville overlooking Rolleville Harbor and beaches. The stunning beachfront resort affords quiet seclusion and relaxing in our beautiful 3 miles of white sand beach of Rolleville.The Exuma Point Villas & Resort is only half mile from the Swimming Pigs Island.


  • Pig Island:
    The Resort is literally a 2-3 minutes boat ride to the Swimming Pigs. The Villas are situated on the beach overlooking the Pig Island. Come and watch the pigs swim from your balcony, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze while sleeping across the waters from the Pig Island.
  • Hidden Beach Cave:
    An exotic and enchanted cave is located adjacent to the resort. The cave is a 3 minute walk on the beach from the restaurant. It’s an historical site, where the pirates would hide or the Rolle slaves would venture to during bad weather. Nowadays some residents still seek the safety of the cave during hurricanes.
  • Private Secluded Beach:
    The resort sits on acres of beachfront property. The private beach stretches for about 3 miles without disturbance. The restaurant is literally on the water.
  • On Site Restaurant:
    Enjoy Bahamian and American dishes at Exuma Point Beach Bar & Grill. You can dine outdoor on the sea deck or upstairs in air-conditioned dining room.
  • Volleyball:
    Two beach volleyball courts are located on the property for a game of fun and competition.
  • Just Relax:
    There are hammocks, lounge chairs and swings when you just want to lay back and relax. Or just want to walk our miles of beaches.
  • Boat Rental & Tours:
    Small skiffs and boats are available for rental at the resort dock.


  • Feeding Iguanas:
    Some of the endangered lizards known as Iguanas are located on Allan’s Cay. These gentle, friendly species welcome tourists bearing gifts of vegetables and other foods.
  • Exuma Cay Adventures:
    Take a boat trip to explore the rest of the Exuma cays and private celebrity Islands. Hunt for starfish and conchs, visit the sandbars, Thunder ball Grotto, snorkeling at the aquarium, swim with the sharks or visit our turtle nursery.
  • Swimming Pig Tour:
    Hop across the waters to the Pig Island and swim with our world famous swimming pigs. You can chill with the pigs or relax and have picnic with them.
  • Cave Hunt:
    Tour the historical beach cave located right on the shoreline. Visit where the pirates and loyalists slave hide out, and search for lost treasure left behind.
  • Blue Hole Diving:
    Take a trip to the blue-hole site. Drive and explore the beautiful underwater cave.