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The Story behind Exuma

Great Exuma is made up of a chain of 365 Islands and cays. The Island of Exuma, historical development has been influenced firstly by the salt-mining colony, then a safe haven for pirates, and years later, on the cotton producing industry. Exuma was inhabited by Loyalists.

Among the Loyalists who came to Exuma were James Braynen, Phillip Moore, Roger Kelsall and George III. The capital of the Island was named George Town after George III. Denis Rolle of Devonshire, England, and his son, Lord John Rolle, brought hundreds if slaves and settled on Great Exuma during Revolutionary war in the Americas. The British Government gave Mr. Rolle 2,300 acres of land for the plantantion, which he named Rolleville and Rolle Town.

The first settlements of Great Exuma were at Rolleville and Rolle Town. Cotton plantations were set up in the large settlements and when Lord John Rolle, 1st Baron Rolle, a major loyalist left the Bahamas, he bestowed all of his plantations and land to his slaves. During Emancipation, his lands were deeded in commonage to the formers slaves. The grateful slaves adopted his surname and today 50% of the locals still have the last name Rolle.

The Community of Rolleville is still made up of majority Rolle Families. The settlement is the host for the first Exuma Regatta Sailing and Homecoming in the entire Bahamas. The locals of Rolleville used to race their sailboats that were used for sponging, and fishing in the evenings, when heading back to homeland from the fishing grounds for a prize. Now today, the natives of Rolleville still race their sailing sloops every summer.

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